Sunshading, facades and custom brick artwork  

Percent for Art commission for the Department of Finance

Sun-shading fins:
10m h x 37m w x .5m deep, and
10m h x 10m w x .5m deep.


60 lineal metres custom artwork

Design of Equitone facades

Third image courtesy of Australian Museum, by T. Dick c 1914. 

This integrated artwork commission aims to connect landscape, community, and users over time to create a communal artwork for a diverse cultural community. The artwork takes references from the landscape’s specific site characteristics and history and links it to the proposed new use.

There is an unusually large paperbark and a eucalypt which is ‘scarred’ from pre-colonial indigenous activities at the adjacent parkland. It is believed that the scarring of this tree is a result of making a shield. Both trees express the peeling of layers resulting in discovering further layers beneath. To the west of the site, Subiaco Oval is a site of shared community memory, the former WA home of Australian Rules Football. 

Layering and peeling can be viewed as a metaphor for knowledge generation. Education reveals layers of information, builds a complex and in-depth understanding and considers how various perspectives reveal diverse knowledge. The peeling and layering within the public art components are used to reinforce and draw attention to the learning internally. The sculptural façade fins appear to ‘peel’ away from the building surface to reveal the inner activities.  

The fins to both the Roberts and Coghlan Road facades will reference the irregular edge of the layers of the Paperbark tree, by having a varying depth to the leading edge. The fins further reference the peeling and fanning out of layers, by appearing to lay flat against the façade at the parapet and fan out to reveal with windows behind. Each fin is unique, as they incrementally reveal more behind. 

Perforations to the surface will add further movement and detail. The perforations will incorporate text inspired by teaching, education and the WA football terminology. The words will be integrated with perforations of paperbark texture, to be hidden, awaiting discovery by the onlooker. The words also reflect learning as they will be akin to flashes of information when flipping through a book. The individual works allow the community to develop their own narrative about the meaning.