Freestanding Sculpture. Edition of 3. 

Stainless steel
2.7m h x 1.2m w x 0.7metres w 

Selected by jury for 
Sculptures by the Sea- Bondi  2018


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Counterpoints originated as a response to the Bondi coastline, for the 2018 Sculptures by the Sea exhibition. The work echoes these site-based counterpoints, from the everchanging, dynamic and active water against the timelessness of the Hawkesbury sandstone which once connected to Antartica 300 million years ago as part of the super-continent Gondwanaland. This works aims to emphasise these extraordinary contrasts and inverse qualities primarily through the ephemeral reflections to the material longevity.

The form echoes both the universal and the local; both a water droplet and stone spearheads, recognizing the connection to the Aboriginal engravings nearby. However, by speaking of universal symbols of spearheads, water droplets and the nature of time, the work is suited to a range of locations and communities. The renders shown below; imagine the work placed in the context of Winton, Queensland against the contrast of the hot, dry and dusty landscape, which only amplifies the water-like quality of the work; the Swan River, under a flame tree, contrasting the delicate flame-like flower against the strong water droplet form; and at the Coalseam Conservation Park reflecting the everchanging seasonal cycles. In this way, the work takes on a new life, meaning and relevance within whichever context making this sculpture series unique in each space.