EN-CASE, 2015-16
modular storage range

185mm - 555cm width/ height
350-450mm depth

American black walnut timber, 
Valchromat, and melamine

'En-case' is derived from 'engraved case goods' as each is engraved with an artwork or pattern creating a bespoke outcome. The aim of En-case was to create an offering halfway between middle-market identically produced furniture and high-cost commission-based furniture. The modules and ease of assembly, with no visible fixings, means the general production costs are low, whilst providing a quality refined finish. The modularity allows the design to be adaptable to changing needs or spaces of the owner/s over time. Uniqueness is offered through various material finishes and surface personalisation. In this version, I worked closely with the client so almost each module features a texture derived from their favourite family memories to encourage remembrance and reciting these stories over the generations. New modules with reference to new stories can be added to make this relevant and meaningful for future generations.  

A uniquely designed joinery detail machined by CNC creates differentiation, a sense of precision and quality craft while being scalable and repeatable. The forms are modular and edges are flush and can be stacked in limitless storage and/or room-divider arrangements. As there are no visible fixings, any side can be the 'face' thus maximising its adaptability and enabling use as a room divider.  

This design is registered and any copies will be legally pursued, including the unlicensed use of the custom surface designs and patterns. DESIGN REGISTRATION NUMBER 201613566