modular storage range
from 185mm x 185mm x 350mm
to 555mm x 555mm x 350mm

Eco-Birch plywood waxed finish with 
digitally printed surfaces



During my PhD research on minimising over-consumption through custodial design and sustainability, it was clear that when consumers purchase items that are perceived as high cost, these items are often better cared for because of the financial investment and perceived embodiment of a craftsman’s investment of effort and time. So I wanted to explore how low-cost objects that use everyday materials and industrial (and not handcrafted) manufacturing processes, still be able to create a sense of custodianship and care in the consumer. Effectively, an alternative offering to the identical mass production works of IKEA yet by similarly priced and personal.

For Now, For All-ways enables client self-assembly and replacement of individual panels or reconfiguring of sizes with a simple, tool-less assembly method. The design features the mitre joints with CNC routed slots to two or three sides of each panel, with a supplied cord for lashing. This maximises assembly flexibility and replacement of parts. The lashing slot is made with a 3mm router cutter on a CNC machine which is widely available, and the CAD files can be open-source, enabling localised production. The cord is a low-cost 3mm diameter nylon cord available for about AUD $0.30 a metre. 

Individuality was explored through client interviews and capture their family stories through the digitally printed surfaces to evoke the overlapping and ephemeral aspects of memory. The prototypes explore scalability, surface potentiality and meaning-making through co-participation and readily available low-cost manufacturing methods of otherwise ordinary materials.


Maker: Penelope Forlano
Images 1 and 2 by Penelope Forlano, 3-5 by Bo Wong

Exhibited at 'Making Custodians'  2018, Turner Galleries, Australia.