Soffit (roof underside)
Fremantle College. 

Stainless steel
3.7m h x 4.2m w x 30m long (two of)

Percent for Art commission by
the Department of Finance.




High polished stainless steel was used due to its proximity to salt air and the reduced chances for tea staining. The highly reflective surface, combined with its three-dimensional parametric form enabled an interactive and fun surface that also challenges spatial perception. The surface is conceived as an artwork that combines various academic disciplines taught at the school in a way to inspire its students. The work demonstrates the real-life application of their education in computer programming (specialist ICT) and their specialist STEM programs for gifted students and marine studies. 
By creating an undulating, faceted form that captures light, colour and movement, the surface becomes integral to the artwork being dynamic and drawing the eye upwards.  The undercover area at this secondary school is a performance, meeting and social space for the school and a used for weekend craft and farmer's market by the community. This provided a unique opportunity to explore community participation through engagement with the reflections; seeing one's self and others, on the surface of the work; a performative surface.
Due to the school's specialist marine teaching programs, it's proximity to the coast and port activities, the artwork referenced water. The soffit surface becomes a sculptural element, evoking waves and a rippling ocean surface. An aperture mimics the sunlight piercing the water's surface. The design uses 3D modelling, parametric geometry, CAD/CAM digital fabrication, laser machining and CNC folding to create a form that was accurate to within 10mm over a 30m distance.

Architects: JCY Architects and Urban Planners

Photos: Bo Wong