Soffit (roof underside)
Fremantle College. 

Stainless steel
3.7m h x 4.2m w x 30m long (two of)

Percent for Art commission by
the Department of Finance.




This undercover area would be a secondary school’s performance space, meeting and social space, and for the community’s weekend craft and farmer’s market. The project brief called for a ‘kaleidoscopic’ mirrored installation. This provided a unique opportunity to explore community participation through engagement with the reflections; seeing one’s self and others, in the surface of the work.

Due to the school’s specialist range of maritime teaching programs, its location within a region significant to Aboriginal culture for its wetlands, and the proximity to the local beach and port activities, the artwork aimed to reference water. The soffit was designed to be entirely reflective and evoke a rippling ocean surface. The forms suggest waves or swells, with an aperture through one to mimic the sunlight piercing the water’s surface.

The design uses 3D modelling, parametric geometry, CAD/CAM digital fabrication, laser machining and CNC folding to create a form that was accurate to within 10mm over a 30m distance. 

Photos by Bo Wong