Soffit (roof underside) and screen
Abernethy Rd. Byford.

Custom perforated aluminium (soffit)
 x 1.965m w

Corten steel (screen) 
1.95m h x 5.8m w x .1m deep

Percent for Art commission for
the Department of Finance 

For millennia, the Byford site was occupied by Noongar Aboriginals, with a Marri-Kingia ecology dominated by the Marri (Corymbia calophylla) tree and the Kingia Australis grass tree. For the indigenous people, this ecology was rich in medicinal kino (or gum/resin) from these two dominant plant species. This distinct ecology is now endangered and restricted to a 'Forever bushland' site. The screen and soffit reflect the weeping kino and bushland, recalling the indigenous plants now cleared and it's relationship to Aboriginal culture and practices. The soffit discretely incorporates the words "Marri, the Noongar medicine tree" in recognition of its significance and a reminder to the students of the site significance beyond merely its 200-year history. 

Photos by Douglas Mark Black