SLIDE 2005

Modular Cabinet
900w x 625d x 500mm h (each)
Stained Ash


The aim of the ‘slide’ range is to create a range of cabinets with a continuous design language for all parts whether it is a leg, connector, drawer or door pull due to a simple slat, without compromising the functionality of each of those parts. This creates a holistic design to allow the furniture to look equally ‘complete’ when in combination or as a single unit. The simple sliding together of cabinets ensures a secure stack whether side by side or vertically and is read as a finely crafted yet contemporary work. Slide rejects the typical design language of modular units with contrasting materials and parts, creating something unique, holistic and sculptural. 


Images by Michael Chestnutt and Chris Geoghegan

Exhibited at  FORM Gallery King St, Perth.