modular shelving system
760w x 170d x 125mm h
650w x 200d x 350mm h

500w x 170d x 570mm h
two-pack enamel on substrate


The three shelving modules can be arranged in limitless forms, engaging the user to interact with the objects by determining how it is composed with a space; be it dense and convoluted, wrapping around walls, creating niches or frames. It seizes one’s attention towards small yet highly valued personal possessions within a space.

The works reference structure in nature though the repetition of a simple two dimensional shape (triangular), to create irregular three dimensional forms. The form becomes open to interpretation; referencing a large mountainous landscape or tiny limpet-like sculptural wall attachments. The work forms part of a group of works examining ideas of desire, consumption and ‘want’ in an era of sustainability; and emotional connection to objects through memory, physical engagement and ambiguous forms. 

Manufacturer: Composite Components
Images courtesy of CraftACT, photographs by Creative Image Photography
Exhibited at; 'Embracing Innovation' CraftACT, Canberra, Australia. April 1- May 7, 2011