hall console
1380 x 335 x 950mm h
american black walnut timber and stainless steel



‘The Unforgotten’ is a furniture piece which challenges conventional furniture design as purely functional and mass-produced impersonal work that once ‘old’ is discarded or loses value. ‘The Unforgotten’ table is however as functional as it is meaningful and built to age well, reflecting my doctoral research in how we create and maintain a strong attachment to objects over time; what and why we collect and what and why objects become family heirlooms.
This furniture is conceived as a future family heirloom. It is about remembrance and family and is custom-designed for each individual. The customised engravings reflect meaningful family possessions, stories, events and places. ‘The Unforgotten’ continues the ‘quilt-like’ form as a collage of memory akin to the ‘Endless Quilt’ project.
For this client, the engravings are replicated from disparate objects kept hidden for over 60 years in a small box so as not to be damaged through the passage of time. These objects are the only physical possessions left behind by the client’s mother after 
her passing during childbirth. Hand-made silk lace, hand-written poetry and hand-drawn diagrams of embroidery yet to be completed are engraved onto the surface. Now visible and textured, these engraved representations allow the precious objects to effectively seen and touched every day, without fear of damage to the original.
Customisation of the engravings is available upon consultation.

Images courtesy of FORM, photograph by Eva Fernandez, 2013
Manufacturer: Penelope Forlano and Composite Components
Exhibition: 'From the Atelier' FORM gallery, King St, Perth. June 13- September 13, 2013