hat and coat rack
380 x 250 x 600mm h
A-grade plywood, stainless steel
clear acrylic, stainless steel

The concept was to create an engaging, sculptural and moveable object, allowing the user to create their own variation of the forms to suit their needsThe brackets were interpreted as being ‘rooted’ to the wall and the moveable components to the rack as creeping ‘tendrils’ spreading into space. Each ‘bud’ from the ‘tendril’ arms is both a hook to hang items, or can hook onto the rail, maximising its flexibility and functionality.

Due to the spacing from the wall and the locations of these ‘buds’ or hooks, the design can take on a variety of appearances i.e. more controlled and ordered or appearing completely wild and irregular. The 'Wild Creeper' is highly functional and simple to assemble.


Manufacturer: Forlano Design
Photos by Chris Geoghegan